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LoRa Antenna 3dbi - 868MHz 915MHz

LoRa Antenna 3dbi - 868MHz 915MHz

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Frequency: 868~915MHz 
Antenna type: omnidirectional antenna
Polarization: vertical
Gain: 3dBi
V.S.W.R: <= 1.8
Impendance: 50 ohm
Radome material: ABS
Connector material: copper
Operating temperature: -40~+85 Celsius
Length: 105mm
Relative humidity: up to 95%
Connector: SMA male/female

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Please note that this product is currently available for pre-order only. The final product may differ slightly from the images shown.

We are working hard to ensure that the final product meets our high standards of quality and performance. However, there may be some minor changes made to the design or specifications during the production process.

To ensure compatibility with the final design, we recommend starting your project design upon receiving the ELPM-S3/S3LW modules.

We will keep you updated on any changes that are made and will provide you with the final product specifications before shipping.

Thank you for your understanding and pre-order!

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