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ELPM-S3LW v1.2 [ESP32-S3FN8, SX1262, Power latch 1-100nA, RTC, LDOs] - (Engineering sample)

ELPM-S3LW v1.2 [ESP32-S3FN8, SX1262, Power latch 1-100nA, RTC, LDOs] - (Engineering sample)

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The ELPM-S3LW is a game-changer for developers building battery-powered IoT devices and energy-harvesting applications. This innovative module combines the power of the ESP32-S3FN8 microcontroller with the SX1262 long-range transceiver, all while prioritizing minimal energy consumption.

Key Features:

  • Extreme-Low Power Design: The ELPM-S3LW boasts an integrated power unit that adapts to your specific needs, minimizing power consumption. Combined with its deep stop mode, this module is ideal for applications where battery life is paramount.
  • Perfect for Diverse Applications: Whether you're developing industrial solutions or generic IoT devices, the ELPM-S3LW delivers the flexibility and efficiency you need.
  • Built for Efficiency: With its focus on low power consumption, the ELPM-S3LW is an excellent choice for projects requiring long-lasting operation and optimal energy usage.

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Please note that this product is currently available for pre-order only. The final product may differ slightly from the images shown.

We are working hard to ensure that the final product meets our high standards of quality and performance. However, there may be some minor changes made to the design or specifications during the production process.

To ensure compatibility with the final design, we recommend starting your project design upon receiving the ELPM-S3/S3LW modules.

We will keep you updated on any changes that are made and will provide you with the final product specifications before shipping.

Thank you for your understanding and pre-order!

What does "engineering sample" mean?

Engineering samples are primarily used for testing and evaluation purposes by manufacturers, developers, and other authorized parties.
1. The products have no certification.
2. Not covered by a standard warranty due to their pre-production nature.
3. They may contain bugs, performance inconsistencies, or other issues that haven't been fully ironed out.